Four-Part Gospel Outline

This outline presents the Gospel in the model of God-Man-Christ-Response, along with supporting Bible verses. This is a great resource to use to share and explain the Gospel.

Chinese Translation

The Traveling Team:

World Religions Overview

"The Traveling Team" is a missions mobilization organization that, while focused on energizing college students for the great commission, has many great resources for anyone wanting to learn more. This resource provides an overview of the 7 major world religions to help you have a better understanding of those with whom you may interact. 

Reaching Internationals Website

The "Reaching Internationals" site contains links to many culturally-specific resources to help you engage internationals with the Gospel. There are free tracts, Bible study resources, and cultural awareness training resources that will no doubt help you feel equipped as you minister cross-culturally!

Chinese | Middle Easterners | South Asians | Japanese

Peoples Next Door Manual

​Peoples Next Door is a ministry of the NC Baptist Convention purposed to equip churches to engage internationals. This manual introduces you to the process of discovering internationals in your area and how to engage them with the Gospel.

Peoples Next Door 30-Day Prayer Guide

This guide provides daily prayer requests for unreached peoples in North Carolina. Many of these groups have a home in the triangle area.

Journey of a Refugee

Ever wondered how a refugee gets to the United States? Take a look at this helpful info-graphic produced by World Relief that  summarizes the refugee resettlement process.

21st Century Moses

This booklet gives information and outreach ideas for connecting with international students. It gives conversation and activity ideas, tips for how to share your faith with people from different backgrounds, and pointers for developing lasting relationships.

Christianity Explained

This is an introductory study of the Christian faith from the Book of Mark. This is a great resource to begin a Bible study with an international. Print versions only; please request using above link.

Basic Christian Discipleship: 12 Week Lesson

Dr. Andy Davis wrote this twelve-week that goes over the basic tenets of the Christian faith. This is a great discipleship resource to go over with a new believer. Available in English and Chinese/English.


Chinese Translation


Bible Study Questions

Throughout his teaching ministry at FBC, Dr. Andy Davis has compiled expository study questions that guide the reader to understand the Bible. Click the link above to access a regularly-updated list of Bible study booklets you can use to conduct a study with internationals.


Discovery Bible Study

This resource provides passages that will help introduce the major themes of the Gospel in Scripture. It also provides a framework for discussion and conversation that allows for reproduction. 

Discipleship Groups Curriculum

This resource provides a Scriptural framework for following up with a new believer, providing passages alongside a recommended discussion structure to assist new believers in walking their newfound faith.